Meet RaDD Network Solutions 
– We are a full solution provider for the telecommunications & broadband industries founded and based in Green Bay, WI since 2022.

RaDD’s foundation began long before 2022, with an initial focus on construction and installation services for telecommunication networks. While working with products and materials used for network builds, it was evident that there was room for improvement, as well as a need for innovative products. This is when RaDD Network Solutions, Inc. launched!

As a focused entity, our efforts are geared toward the development and sales of innovative and cost-effective network solutions. Our mission is to provide products, equipment, and application engineering solutions for each type of network that offers a solution for any challenge our customers encounter.

The team behind RaDD has more than 100 years of combined experience in the telecommunication and broadband industries. The RaDD Team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service nationwide. We understand that each network build is unique and work closely to offer customized solutions, with contractor friendly products. Our goal is to ensure the best application of our products for any network, from start to finish.

Request a quote online or call (920) 328-1020 to discuss a custom solution with our networking professionals.
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