Multi-Duct Hybrid


  • 8x5mm, 14x10mm center, 1.25mm over-sheath
  • 8x5mm, 16x12mm center, 1.25mm over-sheath
  • 10x6mm, 18x14mm center, 1.25mm over-sheath
  • 14x10mm, 18x14mm center, 1.25mm over-sheath
  • 18x14mm, 32x36mm center, 1.20mm over-sheath
  • 18x14mm, 50x42mm center, 1.20mm over-sheath


  • 5-Way
  • 6-Way
  • 8-Way
  • 9-Way
  • 10-Way
  • 11-Way


  • 2,000ft
  • 3,000ft
  • 4,000ft
  • 7,000ft
  • ***Custom Reel Sizes***

Available Accessories

Tracer Wire



RaDD’s Multi-Duct Hybrid is manufactured from virgin High-Density Polyethylene and has an ultra-slippery silicone co-extruded bore. This dramatically reduces the friction between the cable and duct, resulting in lower pulling tensions, less cable damage, and quicker installation.